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Black Dogs

Black Dogs

When are where did Black Dogs form, what’s the story?

The band was formed in 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada. I (Ben) joined shortly afterwards. The idea was just to start playing a mixture of punk and Oi! music similar to the stuff we all grew up with. Red Alert, One Way System. We also really like and grew up with a lot of the ’90s bands on labels like Helen of Oi! and Vulture Rock. There was a great band from Winnipeg called The Umpires that really set the bar for Oi! in Winnipeg in the 90’s. We had all played in other bands over the years and had taken a few years off but wanted to start playing again. Previous bands some members were in are Diefenbaker, Dead City Disease, and The Knockarounds. 

You hail from the city of Winnipeg, MB. Can you tell us about the city in general, the music scene, and more specifically the skinhead scene that it cultivates? Also, can you tell us about the WCSP crew/collective?

Winnipeg has always had a very strong music scene. The Hardcore scene and the Metal scene are probably the most well-represented as far as attendance goes, but there’s still lots of other cool shows and bands that come out of Winnipeg. The crew (Winter City Skins and Punks) started over 20 years ago as an extension of the TCSP in Minneapolis. We all used to travel to Minneapolis a lot to see shows and we still have a lot of close friends there. The whole purpose was to book and support punk and Oi! shows in a city that doesn’t always have a big scene for that type of music. It’s a really tight group of friends and some of us have known each other for over 25 years now. 

What have been your favourite gigs you’ve played so far? How far afield has Black Dogs gone, and where is the next place you’d like to get to?

Favourite gig so far would have to be in Victoria, BC with Concrete Grave at their first show. It was a basement show in a house that also had a record store and screen printing shop in it. We didn’t sound the best cause we were all pretty beat up from the night before but the night itself was an absolute blast. Great hospitality and great people. This was also the furthest show we have played from home. Looking forward to going back. We have no out-of-town plans at the moment but we are open to anything. As we speak, two members of the band live in other provinces but we are still planning to continue. 

Here’s a Canada-centric one – top 5 Canadian Oi! albums of all time, and 5 favourite active Canadian bands

Top Albums
Vacant Lot – Stay Mental
Emergency – 1234
No Heart – Can’t Get Out
Class Assassins – State of Emergency
Oi! Let’s go Canada – Compilation

Top Bands
No Heart
Pure Impact
The Enforcers
Concrete Grave
Street Code

For contemporary bands both in Canada and elsewhere, what are some bands that you enjoy and feel like you have some common ground with?

There has been some great stuff coming out in the last few years. Highlights for me are Roughed Up, Lost Legion, Ultra Sect, No Class, Splatter Pattern and No Heart.

So far you guys have a 7″ out, as well as a compilation appearance. What else is on the cards for BD release-wise?

We’re on a compilation 7″ that was just released called Tales of Violence with Slugger, Lost Legion, and No Heart. It’s available through Longshot and TASM Records. Our first 7″ “Battalion” is sold out but you can find it streaming online. We are also in the process of recording another batch of songs that will likely materialize into a 12″ EP.

Any final comments?

Thanks to Last Years Youth for the interest and for all of the great work over the years. 

Brass Tacks

Thanks for taking the time Kyle – can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you grew up and how you ended up getting into the Oi! scene? What were some gateway bands/shows for you?

I grew up in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, which was pretty much centrally located between the state’s three biggest cities; Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee. My friend Jimmy Albertz had three older brothers that were in the local Hardcore Punk scene. Around 1986, me and a few of my buddies started going to punk shows at a young age, around 11 years old. Jimmy’s brother Matt played drums in a local punk band Drunk & Disorderly. They practiced in the basement of a local teen center called “Our Place” which would put on shows every few weeks. Bands from around the area such as Sodomy Law, 10-96, Social Corruption, Beautiful Bert & The Crotch Crickets, Coup de Tat, League Of Maniacs, AFO, Killer Pigs From Hell, and Splat all played there. Some Skinheads hung out at the club but I didn’t get into Oi! until a few years later. Through tape trading I got into The Oppressed and 4-Skins and my friend Skelly bought the Punk & Disorderly album and we fell in love with Blitz and Peter and The Test Tube Babies. After that, I started buying a bunch of the Link Records compilations such as: Oi! Chartbusters, Carry On Oi!, and Son Of Oi! and have been pretty much hooked since. 

How and where did BRASS TACKS come to be, what’s the formation story? Had any of you guys played in bands together before?

I sang for a few punk bands in Fond du Lac – Balance Of Power, Teenage Wasteland, and Jim Jones Party Mix before moving to Madison to attend technical college. My roommate Matt Porwall and I were thinking of starting a band when I moved there. We met some local skinheads that were gonna form a band but tragically their singer, Chris passed away in a car accident returning from The Service’s album release party in Milwaukee. So Matt and I pretty much merged with Pat, Mike, and Kevin and started what would become Brass Tacks around October of 1996.

Brass Tacks

You guys released your first EP on Headcase Records, a label that documented lots of great 90’s US Oi! bands – how did that connection happen? What are some of your favourite records that Headcase released? Also, you released “Just The Facts” on Beer City, which at least out here is more associated with skatepunk, hardcore etc. Can you tell us the story of how that one lined up as well?

Brass Tacks recorded a demo tape not too long after we first started practicing. We sent a copy to Helen Of Oi! records in England and to our surprise, six of those songs were put out on two of their compilations (Oi! It’s Street Punk Vol.2 and Punks, Skins, and Herberts Vol. 4. We were all super into New Jersey Oi! bands like Wretched Ones, Niblick Henbane, Headwound, and Those Unknown, so it was a real treat when we got to play with The Wretched Ones at a Street Punk festival in Kansas. Armen, their singer ran Headache Records and after hanging out with those guys all weekend asked us if we would like to do an EP on his label. It was a real honor. I believe we were the first and maybe only band not from the East Coast to have a record on Headache. As for Beer City Records, I had been friends with Mike, the owner of Beer City Records/ Skateboards, for years. He gave us a better offer than anyone else did. He started his label with releases from some of the bands I grew up with like 10-96 and Beautiful Bert so it was kind of cool to be associated with them regardless of whether they were known for Oi! bands or not. Beer City would go on to release a 15-year anniversary edition of our ‘Just The Facts’  LP and now have bigger bands like Die Kreuzen, D.R.I., Toxic Reasons, M.D.C., and Broken Bones in their stable while most of the “Oi! labels” from back in the ’90s have since disbanded. So I think we made the right choice.

What are some of the most memorable Brass Tacks gigs for you, and why? How far afield did you end up playing? Is there anywhere you wished you got to but it never happened?

Brass Tacks were lucky to play with so many great bands throughout the years. One of our earliest shows was opening for The Business, Dropkick Murphy’s, and The Service at The Rave in Milwaukee. That was a wild one!  We also opened for Fear at The Globe in Milwaukee. Had great times with The Hudson Falcons and The GC5. Played with Iron Cross. We played three Live and Loud Festivals, in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. Those were all great times with bands like The Templars, Fear City, The Warriors, Noi!se, Slapshot, Virgin Whores, Oxblood etc. etc. Fuck You We Rule fest in Tulsa with Special Duties and The Defects was fun. Another one that was wild was Pist N’ Broke, Brass Tacks, Victory, and Assault & Battery in Milwaukee. Total fucking blast!  Beer City Records was talking about putting us on tour with The Bristles (from New Jersey) in Japan around 2001. That never happened and is one tour I wish would have come to fruition.

Tell us about Wisconsin, and the Midwest in general – what’s the feel of it as a whole, and how is the scene in different spots? What are some newer bands that you’ve been impressed with from the area? Any pubs, record stores, hangouts that visitors should check out?

I think the scene in Wisconsin is pretty good. Milwaukee probably more so than Madison. Madison is a college town so I think it’s more transient. The scene will be good for a few years then people move and shows kind of fade away until a new crop of kids move in. Milwaukee is more of a working class town, so I think their scene is more stable. As for bands right now I really like Old Salt!, Splatter Pattern, World In Action, Shit Bag, Court Caust, Dogsblood, and Diskonkt off the top of my head. In Milwaukee, Sabbatic and Last Rites are super cool punk bars and Rushmore Records is excellent. In Madison, we have The Wisco, Mickeys, and The Paradise Lounge for bars and The Door is a cool record shop. Also up in Green Bay the UFO Museum Gift Shop and Records store is really cool. 

Do you personally, and/or the band, have connections north of the border up here in Canada? What are some of your favourite Canadian bands?

I have some friends in the band Black Dogs from Winnipeg. I like those guys. We played with Out Of Order, those guys are cool. I like The Prowlers, Emergency, Bishops Green, Beton Arme, etc. A lot of old Canadian punk bands such as Teenage Head, Dayglo Abortions, Pointed Sticks, Stretch Marks, Armed & Hammered, Subhumans, Forgotten Rebels, and The Kings.

I’d love to play in Canada. I’ve only hung out there once. When I was 19, some friends and I took a 24-hour Greyhound ride to Spider Fest in Marmora, north of Toronto. The show was a blast but the bus ride was fucking brutal!

What would be your top 5 Oi! albums of all time, and respectively top 5 punk rock albums?

(Note this list is ever-changing) but here goes:

Top 5 Oi! albums:
1. Cock Sparrer – Shock Troops
2. Blitz – Voice of a Generation
3. 4-Skins – The Good, The Bad, & The  4 Skins
4. Last Resort – Skinhead Anthems
5. The Crack – In Search Of…

Top 5 Punk Rock Albums:
1. Dead Boys – Young, Loud, & Snotty
2. Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
3. Plasmatics – New Hope For The Wretched
4. Black Flag – Damaged
5. G.B.H. – City Baby Attacked by Rats

There seems to be a lot of younger folks getting into the subculture in recent years, especially in the US. What would be some advice/wisdom you would give to this new generation?

It’s always good to see more young people getting into the subculture. For a long time, it seemed like it was just the same old geezers going to shows and fests year in and year out. My advice would be to stick to your guns, be loyal to your friends and families, support the scene, put on shows, join a band, start a zine or a DJ night, and try to go to as many shows in your area as you can. Be proactive. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you believe in. Be the change you want to see, so to speak. I think the future is in good hands. 

Lastly, what does the future hold for Brass Tacks – any talk of any sort of reunion gigs down the line?

Nothing in the near future but our 30th anniversary is coming up in 2026. Maybe we’ll do some shows to commemorate that? We shall see.

Any closing comments?

Thank you so much for doing the interview. Keep up the great work with Last Years Youth zine. If you ever need anything or happen to be in the Wisconsin area please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks again, Keep The Faith, and Cheers, Kyle

An Slua

An Slua

Where and when did AN SLUA come to be? What’s the story?

An Slua started just after I moved back from living in Vancouver, BC for 7 years. We all come from the same rural village Dunmore in North East Galway, which is essentially a church, some pubs and a school. There was so much good Oi! in BC like No Heart, Bishops Green, Alternate Action.

I had become so inspired by those bands that I started writing songs before moving home with the intent of getting the boys together to record at least a demo. Thankfully some great labels were into the release.

Eugene (32) plays the drums and he’s worked in child care for years, Shane (35) my brother plays guitar and works in a Whiskey Distillery in Dublin. Dave (30) also plays guitar and works in a medical device factory here in Galway. I’m Mic (36) and play bass/vocals and I’m a picture framer.

What bands do you guys take inspiration from, both old and new? Listening to your 7″, there are hints at bands like Hard Skin, Infa Riot, Red Alert, and also more melodic bands like Bombardiers and Eastern Youth – to my ears anyways!

For Shane and I Runnin’ Riot from Belfast would be our biggest influence I’d say musically. They had such a unique way of writing serious songs whilst having a laugh at the same time. Which is definitely an Oi! trait that I love but Irish bands definitely add even more cheek/humour.

Shane and I have very similar tastes and are definitely influenced by bands like Nö Class, Syndrome 81, The Press, Criminal Damage, The Oppressed, The Pogues, The Brass and No Heart, but also piles of Anarcho and Irish Trad.

Eugene is a fiend for Post Punk and Melodic Hardcore while Dave is definitely into a lot of Shoe-gaze and Power Pop stuff with beautiful guitar work and hooks

What are the go-to topics if you like, for An Slua lyrics? Also, what does An Slua mean?? Would you consider yourselves a political band so to speak, or not so much?

An Slua translates as the Crowd in English. We made certain we wanted an Irish name with a unity feel. The next release will have some songs in Irish as well which is important for us.

Lyrically I find myself writing a lot on Animal Liberation, Anti Racism and Workers Rights but I definitely find myself adding in a bit of cheek into the lyrics. Irish music traditionally fused misery and humour quite well and I like to think we’ve added that into our Oi!/Punk

We’re a political band for sure but we also don’t take ourselves as serious as a lot of bands can be. We’re coming from a very lefty Socialist and Irish Republican background so it definitely seeps into the music.

I think your art should be a full representation of who you are as people. Which is humour, politics, love and sadness etc and maybe our music should be all of that. If it’s all about one political agenda I think that can often overshadow the songs themselves and be a bit boring.

Who are the most overlooked Irish bands from back in the day? Who are current Irish punk and Oi! bands flying the flag that our readers should check out?

We’re mostly known for Power Pop like Rudi, Protex, Undertones but other bands that I’d love more people to hear would be Section 4 (Oi), Rats Blood (HC), Runnin Riot (Oi), Toxic Waste (Anarcho), The Jollars (Oi), The Sultans (Oi)

Some of our favourite current Irish bands would be United Bottles, Sympos, Rant, The Mary Wallopers, Grit, Takers n Users, Surge, Fiend, The Hacklers, Hunger Pains, Bartape and Mongrel.

An Slua band photo

Have you guys been able to get out and about very much gigging? What have been your favourite gigs to date? Where are you looking forward to playing in the future and with whom?

We’ve been super lucky at being able to play probably half the gigs we’ve done outside of Ireland. We did a mini tour in Germany with Texas legends Liberty & Justice in May and then a mini French tour in Oct. Both of which were huge inspirations.

We’re aiming to hopefully play more small stints around Europe and hit the east coast of the USA next year once the LP is out. We’re hoping to sort some tours with the Claimed Choice and Cran who are both absolute legends as well.

Being a well-travelled fellow, Mick you’ve spent a lot of time also in Canada and the USA. From your experience, what are the differences between “scenes” in these countries, and in contrast with Ireland? How have your experiences been attending gigs around Europe? What are your favourite bands from all these places?

I lived in Vancouver, BC for a long time and loved how militant and diy it was in regards to gigs. There are so many sick bands coming out of there and Victoria. I loved No Heart, Phane, Crosshairs, Spectres, Alternate Action, Bishops Green, Concrete Grave, Toy Tiger and the Buzzers.

In Ireland, it’s so small that one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s more laid back and maybe you can’t afford to have big cool guy egos that larger scenes can often produce. I’d say Victoria, BC would have a similar vibe to here.

Also for us to tour outside of the country you’re talking 500€-700€ before you even play a gig. You either fly or get a ferry to the UK or France so it’s definitely harder for us to tour than say mainland European bands or for bands to come here.

What have you guys released so far, how can people get ahold An Slua gear?? Do you have any other records in the works right now?

We’ve only released the “How Ya Gettin’ On?” EP but have an international 4 way Split LP coming out soon with some savage bands that I’m not sure I’m allowed to announce yet haha. We’re currently finishing off the songs for the LP and should be recording that in the next couple of months.

We have the Instagram @AnSluaEire which you can msg us for merch and we’ll get shirts sent out to you right away.

What’s the future have in store for the band, what are your plans for 2024 and beyond? How can people get in touch with the band? Closing comments?

We’d really love to get this LP we’ve been working on to as many people as we can. A bunch more stints around Europe is the dream with a tour of the east coast of the USA for next year for sure. I don’t use social media but the lads will respond if you msg our Instagram or email and I’ll get back to ya!

Go raibh maith agat for asking us to be in this amazing zine! Go easy on others and yourself, get off social media and up the International Punx n Skins!

Old Salt

Where and when did Old Salt form? Can you give us the backstory of the band? 

Shawn: We ended up dividing up the questions and each taking a couple, so sorry if some stuff is somewhat redundant but we are very like-minded. Old Salt started in 2020 with Steve-O on vocals, Dave on guitar, Clay on drums and myself (Shawn) on bass. About a year ago we added Randy on Rhythm guitar. We consider ourselves a Wisconsin band because we all live in different parts of the state. We started the band with the plan of being an early 80’s style Skinhead Oi! Band. We take a lot of pride in our traditional Skinhead style and values. As a group of seasoned (old) skins we do not have the energy to be anything but honest with our music.

Your sound brings to mind the 90s American Oi singalong stylings of Patriot and Pist’N ‘Broke – was that the aim of the band? What would you say your main influences, both musical and non-musical are?

Steve-O: Being compared to Pist’N ‘Broke is an absolute compliment, but I don’t necessarily hear it. I think our goal was to have an early 80’s sound like the 4-Skins, Business, the Rejects, ETC. We’re just skinheads playing rock n’ roll/Oi! Songs about skinhead shit. My own influences are many, but Brass Tacks have been the biggest, mainly because they are family to us, and they RULE! Kyle was one of the first vocalists I knew, so naturally I tried to do it like him. Nupe from Fear City is always having fun on stage and ALWAYS has a Beer in his hand, so I sorta took that up as well. I was once blessed with spending some one-on-one time with Micky Fitz and he really taught me a lot in that short encounter. I never saw Warzone or got to meet Raybeez, but he also had a big impact on me. Other than the for mentioned bands the Business, Cock Sparrer and the Service also left a mark on me musically.

Upon listening to your debut album, it’s clear that you have a lot of pride in being a Wisconsin band and being from the Midwest US full stop. Can you tell us about the scene there, as well as the place in general? Any bands readers should look up, or record shops/bars that visitors should stop in at? 

Shawn: We cannot say enough good things about the Midwest and the bands/scene here. It’s kind of a tight-knit community so we get the chance to really connect with the scene. There are so many great bands here that don’t get the exposure they deserve because they’re not from the coasts. Fear City, The Uncouth, Bad Assets, Fighting For Scraps, Victory, Lost Dead and these are just the first few that came to my mind. Here in Milwaukee, the local punk bars are Last Rites, that is run by the one and only Kay from Revolt and Sabattic. As far as record stores, if you are in Milwaukee you have to go to Rushmore Records. Who knows, you may even be able to pick up our record there.

You guys are close quarters with Chicago, a city that seems to boast a number of good Oi! bands. Do you guys play there often? What are your favourite Chicago bands? 

Clay: We do play Chicago quite a bit. Our second, unofficial home. Fear City, Lost Dead and Fighting for Scraps seem to be our running mates. Fuerza Bruta is a must-witness powerhouse, but none of the mentioned, including us, would be here if it wasn’t for The Effigies (RIP JK).

You guys have released your album “Going Out Tonight” on Bandcamp – are there plans for a physical release? What are your next plans recording and gig-wise? 

Randy: Along with the release of the album on Bandcamp we have a physical LP that we sell at shows as well as through our social media. We are super proud to have a record that people can not only take home and listen to on their record player but experience the band through our photos on the insert.

We finished out the year with a show at Reggie’s in Chicago with the Anti-Heros and the legendary FCS X-mas Party with the Hub City Stompers, Fear City, Fighting For Scraps and Pkdores. We also have some major things in the works for 2024 where we are trying to head out of the Midwest for some bigger shows.

We are also working on new songs right now that we want to start to introduce at shows in 2024 and mix in with the Going Out Tonight setlist.

Top 5 Oi! Tunes of all time? 

We’re each going to take a shot at one song.
Shawn: Chaos – The 4-Skins
Randy: Someone’s Gonna Die – Blitz
Clay: Mob Clash – The Effigies
Steve: Let’s Smash Some Skulls – Brass Tacks
Dave: The Crow – Bishops Green

Have you guys heard many Canadian Oi bands? What are your favourites?

Clay: Ah, yes…our northern border buddy Canada!  Vacant Lot was Toronto’s gem (until a couple of members went bonehead and started their own thing, basically tarnishing VLs name.). The Prowlers (who we just played with in Chicago) and Gassenhauer out of Montreal, Reckless Upstarts from Windsor…I’m sure I’m forgetting a few other solid ones, but much like the States, Canada had its share of bonehead bands that seem to get more notoriety based on their assclown behavior.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Any last thoughts?

Shawn: Thanks for showing interest in Old Salt. If anyone reading this ends up in southeastern Wisconsin hit us up, we’ll show you that famous Midwest hospitality. Cheers.

Street Code

The Backstory of Street Code

It all started back in 2022 when our original setup took an unexpected turn. Scott, our would-be frontman and a holdover from ROUGH CUTS, had to bow out just as things were getting interesting. We had an upcoming show with VIOLENT WAY, THE ENFORCERS, and FORCE MAJEURE. Hearing of Scott’s departure during a Friday night drinking session in James and Alli’s garage, I (Pat) offered to give it a go, and at practice, we were stoked to realize that we had something good. Our first name, CLOBBER, was already taken, so STREET CODE it was, a name that really sums us up—rooted in the streets, from the codes we live by to the unmistakable style of DMs and flight jackets. Before this, I’d been in the mix with OVERPOWER and PUBNIGHT, balancing music with a day job at the ministry of liquor. Nick, brought into the fold for his bass skills and shared history with James, jumped at the chance to shape our sound, marking his first full-time gig as a bassist, and adding a fresh dynamic to the band. As for James, Zack and Andrew, their journey from ROUGH CUTS to here has been about merging street punk’s energy with hardcore’s raw edge.

The Oi! And Skinhead Scenes in Toronto

The Oi! scene now seems small as it’s ever been, but we keep on keeping on. KNOCKOUT REGGAE Crew has been doing awesome quarterly DJ nights for the last 5 years and has brought some new and old faces out to dance to awesome guest DJs. Some of the old heads still come out for live music and a drink once in a while or play in bands, like my boy Chad from the CLASS ASSASSINS (ex-VACANT LOT, BITTER GRIN). SOUTH END recently reformed, so keep an eye out for them! We’re lucky to have one of the realest anti-fascist Oi! labels ever INSURGENCE RECORDS in this city. They organized the first comeback show for The Oppressed in 2006 and consistently have put out the proper ruckus for more than 20 years. Pre-pandemic, DAMAGERS and GLASSED seemed to be coming up but they seem to have fizzled out. ROUGH CUTS were holding it down, but the pandemic slowed them down and then Mike, their singer, moved back to Windsor. With such a small scene of baldies, we’re glad to play shows with touring bands that have links to the streetrock that we’re doling out…. HOMEFRONT was dope, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE was awesome, as was CHAIN CULT, who rocked all the way from Greece with our little band from the TDOT… We haven’t had the opportunity yet to play with some of our old school punk friends like ARMED AND HAMMERED, or the ripping thrashers in ABSOLUT but can see us doing so in the near future.

Favourite Toronto Bands

Pat talking favourites; we’re all over the map—old school to new blood! If you wanna peep an interesting tidbit of old-school Toronto history, check out the bottom paragraph of Harley Cromag’s biography on page 226… RIP BRUNO. Keep in mind I’m an old dude that doesn’t go to as many gigs as I used to, so I’m sure there’s a ton of newer bands I probably don’t have a clue about: TEEN CRUD COMBO, YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH, ONE BLOOD, CAREER SUICIDE, NO WARNING, BITTER GRIN, TASHME, ABSOLUT, BRONTOCRUSHROCK, BUNCHOFUCKINGOOFS, HOCKEY TEETH, KING SIZE BRACES. Can’t overlook the gems Zack and Andrew threw in, like SAGO and BRAIN ITCH.

Musical Influences

Our sound is a cocktail of inspiration. Myself – NEGATIVE APPROACH and POISON IDEA are big influences in attitude and vocal style, but I could see a bit of BLOOD FOR BLOOD or ROSE TATTOO being brought up as a comparison. Nick’s transition from guitar to bass brought a unique metal-infused vibe, while Andrew and Zack keep us grounded in hardcore inspirations like G.L.O.S.S. and BLACK FLAG, also drawing from modern shit like GEL, BOOTLICKER, SOUL GLO, WARZONE, SHEER TERROR, SLAPSHOT and GOLPE. Oi! influences like BLITZ, BRUISERS, and LAST RESORT.

Top 5 Canadian Oi! Tunes

Our tastes tell the story of Canadian Oi!
GASSENHAUER – Local Youths;
PROWLERS – Hard Times;
THE ENFORCERS – The Element;
PUFFER – Warzone;
LA GACHETTE – Urgence;
SCHEDULE 1 – Five Hundred to One;
BISHOPS GREEN – Tumbling Down;
BETON ARME – Victoire;
BETON ARME – Au Bord du Gouffre.

Favourite Live Gigs and Future Plans

Montreal’s Revolution Fest was a ripper! This was particularly special for Nick, who, as a born Québecois, fulfilled a bucket list moment by playing at Foufounes Électriques. For me (Pat), the opportunity to open for RANCOUER (France) and share the stage with my current favourite Montreal Oi! band, MORTIER, was dope, underscoring Montreal’s status as having the biggest and best scene in Canada. Andrew, James and Zack’s favs were playing with bands like VIOLENT WAY, THE ENFORCERS, POISON RUIN, and HOME FRONT in Toronto.

The cities we’ve played so far include Toronto and Montreal, but we’ll be expanding our reach. Our hit list includes Windsor, Hamilton, Guelph, Ottawa, and potential shows in U.S. border towns like Buffalo and Detroit.

Upcoming Releases

We’re buzzing with plans for new music, from a much-anticipated comp to our first full LP and working towards a potential split 7” with MORTIER.

Final Comments

Thanks to Alli, Brian, Shane, Moe, Ryan, Greg NOTDEADYET, DURE REALITE and REVFEST, Scott G, Lauren for the fly pics, Sean Siford for the dope design, Karl S-P, Graham– for the killer mastering, all the bands we played with in all the venues we’ve been at. AND Thanks to you for looking out, can’t wait to hear the comp!

DJ Scene – Davey The Kidd

Hi, can you tell us a little about yourself – who you are, where you’re from, where you spin records?

Hello, my name is David Chavez aka Davey The Kidd. I live in the San Fernando Valley which is part of L.A. County. The valley is where I grew up. I do a monthly that I call Ready Steady Go (god names are a pain in the ass to come up with haha). I do my events in South Pasadena at a restaurant/bar called The Barkley and have some awesome guest DJs and bands join me. I also spin wherever I’m invited to guest DJ! I love to guest DJ when my schedule allows. Hit me up! 🙂

Where did your love of music come from?

I always loved music growing up. As I grew into my teenage years that’s when I started to get introduced to punk followed by Oi!, ska, and reggae. And all of that just clicked for me. It was the best soundtrack to my life. It was the most relatable and danceable music for me and that love will never die.

What got you into collecting?

I got into collecting later down the line. I originally would buy CDs and/or download music off Pirate Bay. Eventually, I wanted to own some of my most favorite songs on 45 if I could get my hands on it. So I decided to begin browsing the 45s at stores and use Discogs.

What’s the best digging experience you’ve had (or worst/weirdest/etc)?

Ermm, I guess the best would be buying this cool little mystery 45 pack from a shop a long time ago. It was $5 for 20 or 30 randomly selected 45s and when I got home and opened the bag it had some pretty cool stuff. Not crazy amazing or anything but I can’t think of any other experiences while digging worth mentioning.

How did you get into DJing? Have you noticed much change in the time you’ve been doing it? When did you start Ready Steady Go?

So when I started to get into the skinhead scene when I was about 17 years old I would very much keep to myself. I would only go to some shows here and there. I was dealing with my anxiety and there seemed to be so much senseless drama at the time at gigs so I didn’t want to deal with any nonsense. By the time I started collecting and going out to events again, I started to come out of my shell a bit, to the point where I finally wanted to spin the records I had in my collection. I was able to find some opportunities to do so. It wasn’t long ’til I wanted to start doing my own thing as my way to contribute to the scene and keep it going in areas that had nothing. That’s when I started Ready Steady Go. It was good for me to help break out of my shell and express my creativity. I only wish I started to do it all sooner but better late than never.

Any particularly memorable nights?

Probably my first Ready Steady Go. It was a good turnout. I was happy to have pulled off an event and see people enjoy themselves.

Some other memorable nights would have to the the last few High Rollers in Vegas I got to spin at. Got to meet so many internet friends in person for the first time. It’s always a good time. Looking forward to the next one!

Reggae vs Soul – who wins?

Reggae! I love soul too. But, if I had to pick one it would be reggae for me.

Top 5 tracks

I’m gonna go with my top 5 45s I like to spin.

  1. Vincent Gordon & The Dynamics – The Burner
  2. King Stitt – Lee Van Cleef
  3. The Pioneers – Reggae Fever
  4. Roland Alfonso – Nuclear Weapon
  5. Jackie Opel – You’re No Good

Any last words?

I hope to get the opportunity to travel and guest DJ more often – meet new people and have an absolute blast! Thanks for asking me to be a part of this segment – cheers!


Weekend Kids – The Life We Chose

2022 Longshot
Weekend Kids - The Life We Chose
Weekend Kids - The Life We Chose

Awesome band from Portland, Oregon. Classic sounding riffs, swaggering rock n roll meets brickwall Oi! with tough and catchy vocals. The A-side is the band’s original offering, while the b-side are cover versions of member(s) previous ’90s band BOVVER WONDERLAND. On a trip to see the Templars last fall, I was disappointed to hear we’d missed Weekend Kids doing a gig the previous night! Really looking forward to hearing what they do next, hopefully an album as this ’90s Oi! / rock n roll rooted style is something I can bop to for a good 12 songs.

- Mike

The Buzzers – s/t

2023 LSM / TASM
The Buzzers
The Buzzers

Solo project turned full-fledged band, who recently (Feb 2024) played their first show on their now 3rd line up – Benny is backed by alumni from bands like Subway Thugs, Toy Tiger, Alternate Action and Black Dogs. They play stripped-down, scratchy and melodic Oi! topped off with a melodic bark, much like the aforementioned Subway Thugs. Behind is a re-recorded song that originally appeared on the BRITISH COLUMBIA BOVVER compilation that we released in co-production with Rebellion, it’s a melancholy slow, catchy anthemic tune. The b-side Incoming is a newer song, fast and sharp right out of the gates – hanging around just long enough to get stuck in your head, then calling time. A very cool effects-heavy guitar break is the icing on the cake. Great single by a great new band that has been in the making for at least 5 years now – look out for what they do next with this new lineup too, it’s bound to be yet again a rung above.

- Mike

EST. 1916 – We Love You Too cassette

2024 Attack With Force
EST. 1916
EST. 1916

Winnipeg boot boys making some more noise, a follow-up to their self-released LP from a few years ago. A true cult band, I could be wrong but I don’t think they have played outside of their home city. This is probably their best release to date – it blends frantic speed primitive rock n roll with sing-along ’90s US Oi! like The Revolt or Boot Party, with a dose of the ol’ pogo punk. Gruff and earnest vocals round it off nicely. Just a cassette release, although one song will be cherry-picked for inclusion on an upcoming Last Years Youth compilation. Keep an ear out for these guys, and Winnipeg Oi! bands in general!

- Mike

No Heart / Claimed Choice – Split 12″

2023 Longshot / Rebellion
No Heart / Claimed Choice
No Heart / Claimed Choice

“Shameless Self Promotion”

The next few releases mentioned here are ones that have been released in the last year which I have been involved in, check them out if you are so inclined and hit up the labels if you’d like the hard copy!

I can’t stress how much I love a good ol’ split release. Claimed Choice have been busy on gigging circuits and putting in the road work and are now a very recognized band as they well should be! To me, I’ve always heard them as the “French Clichés”, and with the former being my favourite Oi! band from the 2010s, that is of course meant as a big compliment. This was No Heart’s first studio effort in 4 years, bit of a mixed bag style-wise but still within our expected sound so to speak. Big shout out to Paul Stafford and Ramon GD for knocking out two very killer versions of the artwork!

- Mike

V/A – Tales Of Violence 7″

2024 LSM / TASM
Tales Of Violence
Tales Of Violence

“Shameless Self Promotion”

4 tracks of Oi! with the US side featuring Slugger and Lost Legion, two bands who have taken the Oi! world by storm both putting forward very strong songs. The Canadian side showcases punchy numbers from No Heart and Black Dogs, and this release is rounded out by some very cool and left field artwork for a usually cliched art genre by Lost Legion’s Ian.

- Mike

Concrete Grave – B.C. Skins cassette

2023 Attack With Force
Concrete Grave
Concrete Grave

“Shameless Self Promotion”

Simple and ploddy Oi! with all the lyrical themes that you either love or hate at this point – style-wise somewhere between mid-80s UK stuff and the more primitive 90s North American bands. Think Hard Skin meets that first Oxblood 7″, but not as good as either of those naturally!! If you are a tape person, snag it along with the recently released 1916 tape from the Saskatoon-based extreme music label!

- Mike